The Motherboard
The Classroom
The Speakeasy
The Sanctum

Escape Room

Xscape The Room – Media PA is Delaware County’s premier escape room offering 4 real life adventures.  Our escape rooms feature one of a kind puzzles created and built by professional designers.  Immerse yourself in an adventure you will never forget as you and your team of 4 – 10 players take on the challenge of The Speakeasy, The Classroom, The Sanctum and Motherboard. 

Our escape rooms are in Media PA (close to Montgomery County, Chester County and Philadelphia) Add dinner and drinks at one of Media’s bars and restaurants and turn your live action adventure into a live action night on the town.  

The real-life puzzle games you will encounter create a unique experience for team building/bonding, birthday parties, a night out with family, friends and co-workers.  Book in advance online or by phone up to 3 months in advance or at least 2 hours before game time.  Tickets are $28 with all taxes and fees included.  You won’t find a better deal, a more professional experience or a more exciting adventure in the Greater Philadelphia area.  

How does it work? You and your team of 4 -10 players are “locked” inside a themed room.  The room is giant puzzle filled with clues.  You must work together to locate the hidden clues and use them to solve riddles, problems and puzzles that help you accomplish your mission or task and escape the room. No special skills or knowledge needed.  Just the desire to have fun! 

Each room has its own unique theme and challenges. 

The Classroom:  You and your team find yourselves back in school and its exam time, but you haven’t studied.  In fact, you don’t remember taking this class at all.  To breakout of this crazy classroom you must pass a new kind of final exam.

The Speakeasy:  It’s the roaring 20s where Prohibition rules but nothing can stop the fun.  Welcome to Bugsy’s Juice Joint; a shuttered down saloon that operates as a secret gin mill for all the swells, dames, and drugstore cowboys in the know.  Business is booming, and the joint is hoppin’; you and your pals want in on the action but Bugsy ain’t in a sharing mood.  Youz guys show up at closing time hoping to grab the hidden loot and dash before Bugsy and his goons return and blast you a new one… living history doesn’t get any better than this!

The Sanctum:  The Artist has invited you to participate in an experiment, but things go horribly wrong.  Trapped inside his lair you and your team have one hour to follow the trail left behind by those who came before you.  Unravel the hidden messages and decode a secret language to escape the Artist’s Sanctum before it’s too late.

Motherboard: In this espionage adventure, the Resistance is looking for a select group of brave operatives willing to pose as the maintenance crew to break into the corporate headquarters of the evil corporation MEGAZON to disable Motherboard before they take over the minds and souls of planet earth!  To free the world from the clutches of the evil corporation you will have to act quick.  You’ll have one hour to accomplish this difficult and dangerous task.  Please respond….

Get ready for a heart stopping 60 minutes of pure adrenaline fun.