6 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Great Team Building Activities

A mediocre team building exercise (we’re looking at you, trust falls!) will lead to nothing but rolled eyes and office gossip. In contrast, the right activity will encourage members of your group to work together and build closer bonds.

At Xscape The Room, we offer a unique team building activity for your organization: escape rooms! Here are six ways that this live adventure will encourage team members to enhance real-world skills and develop a sense of community:

Practice Teamwork

In our escape rooms, a team with 4 to 10 members will cooperate to successfully find clues, solve puzzles, and “escape” a themed room in less than one hour. Due to the diversity of each game, everyone can participate and offer their own unique perspective to conquer challenges.

Encourage Engagement

Unlike other team building activities, our escape rooms appeal to a group full of different personalities and skill types. Additionally, since each room has a unique story that team members must unravel, they are motivated to solve its puzzles and complete the narrative.

Ditch the Screens

In an Xscape The Room escape room, there are no emails, IMs, or telephones as a go-between. Team members will build communication skills like active listening and become closer as they contribute toward their ultimate goal.

Develop Leadership Skills

Your team is much more likely to succeed with confident leaders who are ready to suggest new ideas, make decisions, delegate tasks, and assist their fellow group members. This activity will also help leaders strengthen vital skills like positive thinking and having an open mind.

Improve Problem-Solving Skills

In an escape room, puzzles might have multiple solutions, but only one will lead you to more clues. As your team works through different challenges, they need to be prepared to discard earlier ideas and adapt to new information. This encourages creative problem solving that is indispensable in the real world.

Reflect On The Activity

After you escape the room (or don’t…), your group can discuss how events that occurred during the game relate to their performance elsewhere. Who took the lead? What sort of strategy did the group choose? Where did the team struggle or excel? Answers will provide insight into current struggles and how to address them.

Are you ready to turn your next team building activity into a huge success? Book one of our escape rooms today!