Celebrate the Holidays with Xscape the Room – Media, PA!

Happy holidays! If your rapidly-filling wintertime calendar is starting to feel like an obligation instead of a treat, then it’s time to mix up your usual holiday routine. Bring your family, friends, or office to Xscape the Room – Media, PA!

Bring the Family!

Whether you have relatives visiting from far away or your kids have a couple of weeks off for winter break, you can create a special moment when you book an escape room with Xscape the Room – Media, PA.  

Your family can team up to break out of a crazy classroom, save the Earth from MOTHERBOARD, steal loot from the Speakeasy, or escape the Artist’s Sanctum. Remember, all four of our escape rooms are 100% unique to our location, so you don’t have to worry that anyone has played before.

Host an Escape Room Holiday Party!

Say goodbye to cocktail hour and awkward small talk! Instead, break the ice at your holiday party with an escape room experience. Whether you’re encouraging more mingling at your annual shindig or rewarding your employees for all of their hard work at a one-of-a-kind office party, an escape room is sure to be a hit.

Of course, planning your party with Xscape the Room serves another purpose for corporate events. We are a popular choice for escape room corporate team building near Montgomery County, PA, after all! Working together in an escape room is a great way to build trust between coworkers while helping them practice their collaboration and communication skills.

Give the Gift of Xscape!

Are you worried that your thoughtfully-chosen holiday gifts will end up sitting on a shelf and collecting dust? Give your friends and family a fun experience, instead! A gift certificate to Xscape the Room – Media, PA is always the right choice for an escape room enthusiast, but it’s also the perfect present for:

  • Gamers
  • Adventurers
  • Puzzle Lovers
  • Everyone Who Loves a Thrilling Experience!

Would you like to start planning your holiday gathering or escape room corporate team building event near Chester County, PA? Call Xscape the Room – Media, PA at (484) 652-2956, or book your rooms online!