Unique Locations for Your Middle Schooler’s Next Birthday Party!

Is your middle schooler’s birthday coming up? At this age, planning an incredible party can be tough. You need to get creative and incorporate activities that are a little more grown up. Of course, it’s easier to plan a fantastic tween birthday party when you hold it at a unique location!

A Local Museum

This age is all about exploration. What is your child passionate about? Art? Science? Dinosaurs? The ocean? There may be a nearby museum where they can learn more about their favorite subject while having a lot of fun.

A Laser Tag Arena

No one’s too old to love laser tag! Your child will feel just like a secret agent as they sneak around the arena and trade laser blasts with their friends. Many locations that offer laser tag also have a variety of other entertainment options, such as bowling and arcade games, so your party will never be boring!

An Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

Is your middle schooler absolutely fearless? Give them an exciting new challenge with an indoor rock climbing party. This is an awesome way for their friends to exercise, develop a new skill, and share a memorable experience in a safe environment.

A Bakery

Sweets meet creativity when you rent out a bakery for a birthday party! Your bakery may offer fun activities such as:

  • Cake Decorating
  • Creating Cake Toppers
  • Baking Cupcakes
  • Making Sundaes

This exciting party idea encourages guests to get a little flour on their hands and show off their kitchen skills. Plus, the cake is sure to be top-notch.

A Movie Theater

Lights, camera, action! What’s one way to make your child feel like a star on their birthday? Rent out a movie theater for their friends. This is one flick where laughing and whispering is allowed. Plus, many theaters that offer party options have a fun room where the guests can play games, open presents, and enjoy a slice of cake.

An Escape Room

Does your child love adventure? An escape room in Delaware County, PA, may be the perfect choice for their party! Guests will be transported into a world where they’re resistance fighters, 1920s gangsters, or other fascinating characters. Then, they’ll work together to solve puzzles and escape the room — before their hour is up.

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