Learn The History of Escape Rooms!

Escape rooms are one of the country’s newest favorite group entertainment activities, but its concept is far from being new. Before you and your group sign up for a clever group escape room near Chester County, PA, take a minute to soak up the history of escape challenges to see what inspired the newest trend in entertainment.

Where Did Escape Rooms Originate?

These addicting, challenging game settings were popularized more than a decade ago in Asia. In 2007, Takao Kato introduced the first real-life escape room to Japan after watching a classmate play a game online. His introduction of the escape room concept then spread to Singapore, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland and the rest of the world.

Way before the actual Escape Room trend began in Japan, and humans had the simple joys of hedge and maze challenges. These mazes were set up in the 16th century and beyond as a form of entertainment for royals and their guests. The challenge proved riveting to those playing, and some can still be enjoyed as fun today. Additionally, in Greek mythology, the labyrinth is a famous maze that was built to entrap the Minotaur and other evil spirits. The Labyrinth myth points to the human tendency to find complexities of cognitive activity to execute a mission (find an answer, kill a fear, etc.) enjoyable.

As mentioned before, video games were an inspiration to the start of escape rooms. The computer game “Behind Closed Doors” by John Wilson (1988) first brought the challenge of escape to gamers across the country, more recently Crimson Room (2004) by Toshimitsu Takagi solidified the escape challenge as a gaming obsession.

Escape Rooms Today

According to Market Watch, escape rooms are an incredibly lucrative business. Watch our video below to discover why escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular in the United States.


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