Frequently Asked Questions

Xscape The Room –  Escape games are live action adventures based on the popular online escape games. A group of people enter a themed room and are “locked” in and have one hour to escape.

The room is a giant puzzle and a group of up to 10 players must work together as a team to collect the clues needed to solve the puzzles and riddles that will lead them to the “key” to get out. Live escape games are the hottest new experience. Perfect for date night, girls night out, birthday celebrations, team building or any other group or individuals looking for something fun and unique to do.

At least 4 players are needed to run a game. If you want a private game you must “buy out” the room (10 players). Or you can purchase individual tickets knowing others may join your game. It’s a great way to meet new people! *If you purchase the whole room – 10 players – you can invite 2 more players at $28 a person.

It is $28.00 a person including taxes and fees. At least 4 players are needed for us to run a quality game with a maximum of 10 players*. If you want a private game, you must “buy out” the room. *If you purchase the whole room – 10 players – you can invite 2 more players at $28 a person.

Players must be middle school and above to play alone. Adults with grade school aged children (8yr. and above) can play together – we recommend giving us a call before booking! Kid’s version of Classroom available for private bookings (3rd,4th,5th grade) -call for details and booking. Children 7yr. and under not permitted in games for safety reasons.

The Speakeasy, The Classroom, and The Artist Sanctum – are at 1 W. 3rd Street.  Motherboard is located a few doors down. All games start at 1 W. 3rd Street!

No, you are in no danger! You can leave the room at anytime if you feel the experience isn’t for you.

You really don’t need to bring anything – although reading glasses, if you wear them, will be helpful!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your game time. We start each game on time and cannot allow anyone to enter once the game has started. Allot 80 minutes total for your game times. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can move around in!