Frequently Asked Questions for Virtual Play

Xscape The Room Virtual Escape games are live interactive virtual escape games you play online with a group of your family friends or co-workers.  A live game master is physically in our rooms with a camera broadcasting the room to you live via Zoom.  

The room is a giant puzzle and your team must work together to collect the clues needed to solve the puzzles and riddles that will lead you to the “key” to get out or accomplish a task.  You do this by “controlling” the game master.  Tell them what to do and they will follow your orders. 

Perfect for date night, girl’s night out, birthday celebrations, team building or any other group or individuals looking for something fun and unique to do safley from the comfort of your own home or office.

Each game has its own set limit to how many players can play,(generally between 6 and 10) but our minimum for any game is 2.    

The cost depends on the length of the game.  40 min games are $15 pp, 70 min games are $25 pp.  Players can play together on one device or each have their own login.  The cost is per player not per device. 

Anyone can play!  These games are best suited for ages 12 and older.  Younger players will need the help of an adult.  Not recommended for anyone under the age of 7. 

The beauty of virtual games is you can play from anywhere in the world and connect with family and friends via zoom.    All you need is a device connected to the internet with video and audio capabilities and the Zoom app.  Once your game is connected you and your team will be transported to our expertly designed escape rooms with a live game master who will be your guide in the room.  And just like in our in-person games, you and your team work together to solve the riddles, problems and puzzles that will help you accomplish your goal or task.  The game master in the room will follow your orders and act as your hands as the camera moves around the room at your direction.   

Allot enough time to meet online.  We suggest logging into your game 10 mins prior to game time.  You’ll need paper and pen to take notes. And don’t forget snacks and beverages!