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Ghost Ship - Virtual

Ghost Ship – Virtual

There once was a pirate more feared than all the rest! No one knows exactly what happened to him, but all are assured he rests in his watery grave at the bottom of the ocean.  Along with him, and his crew lies the world’s greatest treasure.  One item though is more valuable than all the rest… it is the Diamond Skull of Gartdoma! Legend has it, that once a year the ghost ship rises from the ocean, at the place where it went down. You, and your crew of pirate treasure hunters, have successfully pinpointed the exact time and location
Virtual Online via Zoom
The Missing Manuscript of Edgar Allen Poe

The Missing Manuscript of Edgar Allan Poe​ – Virtual

You and your team will embark on a mysterious journey into the residence of literary mad genius, Edgar Allan Poe- master of mystery and father of the macabre. Hidden away in this eerie estate lies his last great work. You are tasked to find it, but is it worth the risk? Suspenseful fun lies around every corner as you and your team quickly become absorbed in Poe’s world. Collect clues and solve mysteries as you try locate the missing manuscript and escape before it is too late.
Virtual - available via Zoom