Escape Room Team Building

Team Building


Escape Rooms are perfect for field trips, Girl Scout Troops, after school clubs, and so much more! Bring your group to our escape rooms and allow them to practice team work and communication!


Are you ready for the best team building/boning experience for your business? A mediocre team building exercise (we’re looking at you, trust falls!) will lead to nothing but rolled eyes and office gossip. In contrast, the right activity will encourage members of your group to work together and build closer bonds.

Sports Teams

Put your sports team to the ultimate test with an escape room. How well can they communicate and help each other? Each player will be a key person in your escape! Pre-season, post-season, and everything in between. Bring your team on over!

Here are six ways that this live adventure will encourage team members to enhance real-world skills and develop a sense of community.

Practice Teamwork

In our escape rooms, a team with 4 to 10 members will cooperate to successfully find clues, solve puzzles, and “escape” a themed room in less than one hour. Due to the diversity of each game, everyone can participate and offer their own unique perspective to conquer challenges.

Encourage Engagement

Unlike other team building activities, our escape rooms appeal to a group full of different personalities and skill types. Additionally, since each room has a unique story that team members must unravel, they are motivated to solve its puzzles and complete the narrative.

Ditch The Screens!

In an Xscape The Room escape room, there are no emails, IMs, or telephones as a go-between. Team members will build communication skills like active listening and become closer as they contribute toward their ultimate goal.

Develop Leadership Skills

Your team is much more likely to succeed with confident leaders who are ready to suggest new ideas, make decisions, delegate tasks, and assist their fellow group members. This activity will also help leaders strengthen vital skills like positive thinking and having an open mind.

Improve Problem Solving Skills

In an escape room, puzzles might have multiple solutions, but only one will lead you to more clues. As your team works through different challenges, they need to be prepared to discard earlier ideas and adapt to new information. This encourages creative problem solving that is indispensable in the real world.

Reflect on the Activity

After you escape the room (or don’t…), your group can discuss how events that occurred during the game relate to their performance elsewhere. Who took the lead? What sort of strategy did the group choose? Where did the team struggle or excel? Answers will provide insight into current struggles and how to address them.

Xscape The Room – Media, PA offers an awesome team building experience for your corporate, athletic team or group needs serving Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.  What is it?  A live action, group escape from Delaware County’s premier escape room production company.  You and your team are put into a “locked room” with one hour to find the “key” to get yourselves out before time runs out.  The “key” isn’t just hidden under a rug – it’s hidden away behind a series of inter-locking puzzles.  Your group must scramble all around the room looking for pieces to these puzzles, and try to figure out how those pieces go together to form a larger puzzle, and then finally solve the brain teasers that emerge from putting those pieces together in order to get a code or a combination that unlocks some other part of the room, and then finally, after a lot of teamwork, and a little bit of luck, you desperately fumble with the final lock – as the timer ticks down- to get our of the room and win!  Of course, there is somebody who will let you out if you don’t solve all the puzzles in time.  And, they will occasionally offer cryptic hints to nudge you in the right direction if you’re getting totally off track.  So, the consequences of failure aren’t quite as dire you may think but still these are challenging puzzles, expertly built.  It will take you every minute you have to get out of our rooms!

The common goal is to escape but even if you don’t, there is still a lot you can take away and learn from the experience.  It is not just the design of the puzzle that is worthy of discussion, it’s more about the human endeavor that ensues from this teambuilding activity that is truly awesome.  Something very interesting happens when you have real human beings playing together.  The game moves from being a logic puzzle to a collaborative problem-solving challenge.  While part of the game is about the pure reasoning of figuring out the puzzles themselves, it is your group’s ability to coordinatecooperate and communicate that will make the difference between winning and losing in these events.  Teamwork is so crucial for this experience that it’s better to go in with a coordinated team of average puzzle solvers than an uncoordinated group of puzzle solving masters – because this is seriously the best team building exercise ever!

There are basically three parts to our rewarding room escape experiences:  finding the clues, assembling the clues and using those clues to solve the puzzle.  By breaking the challenge down into these three categories the game become accessible to a variety of skill sets.  Everyone finds something in the room that they are good at.  The exploratory player will naturally take on the task of finding hidden locations and digging out the most obscure clues.  They can feel like a hero when they finally uncover that last piece of the puzzle needed to make one of the puzzles come together.  Those who are natural leaders will tend to gravitate to the coordination role.  They want to know what everybody is working on and make sure that the right clues are going to the right puzzle solving team and they make sure people aren’t accidentally working on a puzzle somebody else already solved, saving valuable time. Then finally you have the puzzle solvers, these are your analytical thinkers who can take everyone else’s contributions, pull it all together and solve the intricate series of puzzles.  Your team will be challenged and rewarded because our puzzle designers go out of their way to provide a number if different types of puzzles from word puzzles to logic puzzles to math problems to spatial challenges that require lateral leaps and perspective shifts.  Working together in an escape room allows everyone to discover their skills and rewards the group for being diverse and cooperative.

One of the most fascinating aspects of these activities, however; may be observing your team.  Because the game is hectic and because you’re on the clock, you learn a ton about how your team works under pressure.  You learn where communication breaks down, what style of communication works with different members of the team, and whether the people on your team have a realistic view of what they are good at.  You will see which members work well in groups and which work better alone.  You will learn about everyone’s different mindsets – who’s strong at logic or who can make wild lateral leaps.  Whether you go into the room with people you work with, your family or a group of friends you will often learn that what happens inside these rooms translates to how you interact outside the room.

Escaping the room isn’t just a fun game, it is a much broader scope of play that allows for interpersonal interactions that move the activity from a group of people solving puzzles together to a true team effort working towards a common goal.

If you are looking for a fun team outing and are located in or near Delaware County, Chester County, New Castle County or Montgomery County, Xscape The Room – Media, PA will not disappoint.

Our teambuilding/bonding events can be booked for your private parties on line or by phone.  We are currently running 4 rooms. Each room is intentionally designed to accommodate 4-10  people. To ensure a private event, a room may be booked for $280.00 (all taxes and fees included) for up to 10 people. For large groups, our clients do separate rooms at the same time – the shared experience is priceless!

The games are roughly 80 minutes total (60 minutes in the room, 10 for introduction and 10 post game discussion.) Our general published game times are: Wed. -Sunday 12:00pm – 9:00pm. We do offer flexibility in game days and times for private team building clients – just let us know what date and time you’re looking for and we will try to accommodate your group!

We are 2 blocks from State St. in Media where you will find many wonderful restaurants for any dining plans. I can offer many recommendations if you like – our local restaurateurs do a wonderful job hosting our clients!