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XSCAPE Valentine’s Day – Adventure for Singles!

Looking to escape the Valentine hype?  Join us on Valentine’s Day, Friday February 14, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm for our 2nd annual Xscape Valentine’s Day Adventure for Singles! Start off with a mix and mingle in our beautiful atrium and enjoy beer/wine, lite fare and good conversation with other single adults! (must be 21 +) Then at 7 pm, break off into teams and play either The Sanctum or Motherboard.

Playing escape games together promotes team work and communication as you search for clues and use them to solve riddles, problems, and puzzles that will lead to your escape. Tickets are $30 and limited so call or book TODAY!  2/14/2019 as your date 6 pm as your time and select the ‘Xscape Valentine’s Day’ experience. Call 484-471-7031 with any questions. 

Answer to the clock riddle: 

The wording of the riddle is important.  Each word of the riddle corresponds to a clock.  The time on each clock represents the letters in each word. There (4 letters = 4 o’clock)  Are (3 letters = 3 o’clock) Thirteen (8 letters = 8 o’clock) and so on.  The last word in the riddle is “to therefore the last clock should be set to 2 o’clock!