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Live Interactive Virtual Escape Game now Available!

Even during social distancing, you can still get together with friends and family to play an escape room from the comfort and safety of your own homes! The Ghost Ship is a live, online, interactive escape room experience that is conducted via Zoom video conferencing. Our game master is live in their home studio escape room with a video camera acting as your eyes, ears and hands.  You and your teammates are cozy and safe in your homes and can talk to your GM telling them what to do in the room.  Our virtual escape room is just as fun and challenging as our “brick and mortar” versions and can be enjoyed by all ages!

The adventure includes a 40-minute immersive video conference escape room experience for 2-6 players, and post-game social time with your team. Play from home and meet up with friends, family members or co-workers from around the world!

· Happy hour with a twist! Play The Ghost Ship for your virtual happy hour activity then stay on the meeting site afterwards for socializing.

· Home Schooling activity to break up the day! This game is perfect for all ages and teaches problem solving and enhances communication and memory skills!

· Bridge the distance between family members! Log on with grandparents and kids, aunts and cousins.

How it works: 

The game is recommended for 2-6 players! All games are scheduled for Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST)!

You can book a game for 1–6 devices logging into the game. Please note you can have more than one person on a screen!  For instance, a player can sit in front of their screen with a spouse or child.  An entire family can gather around a large screen and play together! Again, we recommend no more than 6 players.

You will receive a link to sign in to your private Zoom meeting that you will share with your team.  There is a minimum cost of $30 per game for the first 2 devices logging in.  Each additional device logging in is $12.50.  You can use any device that has an internet connection, a camera, and audio (laptop, pc, tablet or phone).  However, we recommend a laptop or computer – the bigger the screen the more enjoyable your experience!

You can choose between two levels of play (your host will ask before the game starts)

Level 1 –This level of play is perfect for family, friends or co-workers who want to enjoy time together over a puzzle solving adventure.  We keep the story tension at a minimum, keep track of the time but let you finish the game even if your time runs out and offer plenty of help to keep the good times flowing.  BYOB for the perfect happy hour activity

Level 2 – This level of play is for teams who are ready for an escape game challenge, can handle the tension and want to win!  We keep track of your time and only offer 1 clue.  Game play stops after time is up.  Don’t worry we offer a walk-through of what you missed if you don’t finish the puzzle.

Games are available for booking right now! Remember: all games are scheduled for Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST)!

Don’t see a time or day that works for you? Call us and we can try to accommodate your needs.  


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