The Missing Manuscript of Edgar Allan Poe​ – Virtual

The Missing Manuscript of Edgar Allen Poe

You and your team will embark on a mysterious journey into the residence of literary mad genius, Edgar Allan Poe- master of mystery and father of the macabre. Hidden away in this eerie estate lies his last great work. You are tasked to find it, but is it worth the risk? Suspenseful fun lies around every corner as you and your team quickly become absorbed in Poe’s world. Collect clues and solve mysteries as you try locate the missing manuscript and escape before it is too late.

Even during social distancing, you can still get together with friends and family to play an escape room from the comfort and safety of your own homes! The Ghost Ship– Virtual and The Missing Manuscript of Edgar Allen Poe – Virtual are  live, online, interactive escape room experiences that are conducted via Zoom video conferencing. Our game master is live the escape room with a video camera acting as your eyes, ears and hands.  You and your teammates are cozy and safe in your homes and can talk to your GM telling them what to do in the room.  Our virtual escape room are just as fun and challenging as our “brick and mortar” versions and can be enjoyed by all ages!

Choose between a 40-minute Ghost Ship Virtual  or 70 minute Missing Manuscript Virtual – immersive video conference escape room experience. Play from home and meet up with friends, family members or co-workers from around the world!

  • Happy hour with a twist!
  • Home Schooling activity to break up the day! The games are perfect for all ages and teaches problem solving and enhances communication and memory skills!
  • Bridge the distance between family members! Log on with grandparents and kids, aunts and cousins.

Games are available for booking right now! Remember: all games are scheduled for Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST)!

Don’t see a time or day that works for you? Call us and we can try to accommodate your needs.